Where the River's Born

by Little Ugly

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Little Ugly is
Michael Day
Kaia Pazdersky

With help from
Casey Cormier & Jared Gardner on Bass
Nick Dickinson on Drums


released July 12, 2013

Produced by Samuel Marshall & Little Ugly
Mixing by Samuel Marshall
Engineered & Mastered by Chris Lennie @ Tapeworks Inc
Photography by Michael Mussman
All Songs (c) by Michael Day & Kaia Pazdersky



all rights reserved


Little Ugly Hartford, Connecticut

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Track Name: Named After Saints
Only now do I see them for what they're worth
Only now can I comprehend just what it took
To stay together, to grow better, to shelter from the weather
The reality of life, certainty of death, and want of truth

As players they were near perfect, never breaking from character
As people they were broken, individual and alone
They set the stage, conceived the cast, and tried to ignore the plot
But the moral of the story seemed to say what they could not

We were named after saints we never heard of, never learned of
Taught to memorize numbers and find our way home
In backseats we were brilliant, famous, star-gazers
Hollow was this stage but how could we have known
Hollow was this stage but how could we have known

Ignorance is bliss and in a sense saves innocence
Loneliness is an illusion brought on by selfishness
In our fight to be right no one wins, we're all last
Looking back with black eyes makes it hard to see the past


So raise a glass to help forget the past
And make today as empty as the last
Cuz' it's hard to make things last

Track Name: Til the Earth Stops Shaking
Pained, and caked, and cracked are these feet
That run from the echo of you
Stained, and framed, and battered, and beat
Is this heart after you were through

Holding ground till the earth stops shaking
Blocking sound with hands to our ears
Safe and sound, you’re all mistaken
We’ve arrived at our greatest fears

Mural men have tried to flee
From the walls of broken tombs
Same old hymn they’ve sold for years
We never did buy the tune


And the breeze that stole the leaves
Leaves a poor excuse for sheltering
This wind strikes at raw grief
What is left is no relief

Waves they roll beneath this peak
Let the depth soak up what’s in
Traveled long, they’ve grown so weak
And you’ve followed ‘neath our skin

Track Name: And We Said...
Watched you smoke my last cigarette
While lying on my bed
Grace filled the night with it's melody
Temptation with it's stare
The door was cracked, the window open
Allowing in a summer breeze
Your suitcase packed, my heart now broken
I placed my lips upon your cheek
And you said...

La la la, la la la, la la, la la la la, la la la la

The long ride home was led by words
My heart seemed to beat to the rhythm of
The rain
For a moment the moon seemed to tell me
There's still hope
Reality became clear in my rear-view mirror
As the moon spoke up again
And she said...


I tried to oppose the turning of the planet
And refuse the setting of the sun
But darkness came as I held you in my arms
I close my eyes, awake in the morning and your gone
And I said...

Track Name: Promise of a Storm
Looks like the clouds are opening
Better prepare for the storm
The air's thicker than my skin
Cold chill embraces my bones

I will stay here
I will welcome in the night sky
I am aware
That I'm not long for this life

Never too late to learn
Sometimes all the bridges must be burned
Relief may never come
Unless you lose faith in the one

Who has left you here
Who would never even try
To begin to care
If you live or if you die

Ignore the beating of the drum
Choose not to follow this rhythm
Give up, march on, neglect to mention
That we all must pay for the sins of one
Track Name: Oh, Return
Return to the woods from whence she came
It was there in the woods she learned how to pray
Oh, return
She fell in line with the barefoot kind
When she sacrificed her hand held in mine
Oh, return

Please, won’t you repeat
Your destruction that always brings us to defeat
Please, please bare in mind
Not long ago, I was yours but you were never mine

He ran to the woods where the river's born
Where he washed away the allegiance he swore
Oh, return
Denying the cells from which he came
As he dared to disown the choices they made
Oh, return

Please won’t you repeat
Your destruction that always promises relief
Please, please, please, please bare in mind
Oh not long ago, I was yours but you were never mine

And an amplified chorus of gasps
Eulogized a glorified past
And an amplified chorus of gasps
Eulogized a glorified past